There are two different base lines in this book: venues and the staged photographs. Together they form a narrative story about Dubai.
The venues depict different aspects of Dubai within the last 6 years, before, during and after the crisis.
The staged images appear like emerging symbols within these venues.

They are inspired by the aesthetics of city merchandising and related to my works of staged photographs in the “Tableaux”.
My photographic interest is how wishes and dreams are marketed in Dubai.
The city is generated by flashy mega bill boards depicting upcoming city quarters that appear as real dreams.
The difference of digital generated images and the real city dissolves.

That indeed is the legitimate work of planners and architects, but the dimensions of billboards in Dubai are unique.
Mega-billboards can be up to12m high and kilometers long.

The images are stimulating emotions and investments and finally contributing to the urban development.
The palm islands where sold “off plan” with the help of renderings and simulati- ons before they where even built.
Futuristic skyscrapers were published in glossy magazines and books worldwide conveying an image of the city before it is put into reality.
Images are stimuli of the wishes and behavior. With phrases like „Ordinary is for other people“ the commercial strategy propels the self-conception of an emerging luxury world.

In my photographs I try to work with these codes and aesthetics in such a way that a spectator may ask himself if these images are agency assignments.
It may seem so at first sight but the staged persons are not qualified for commercial advertising.

The insertions of recurring staged photographs generate a confusing moment, particularly when a persons shows its back commercial codes are turned into the opposite.

The large-format images are based on digital imaging and composed by many single frames.This allows to work like a painter, who composes diverse elements.
To intensify the message this is an eligible method.

Like advertising triggers dreams and wishes real objects become mythical desires.The apotheosis of projects like „The Palm“, „The World“, „The Universe“ is exemplary for Dubai merchandising. Consequently this photographic story had to be called „The Dubai“.

Copyright for all contents by TOR SEIDEL - 2014